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economic opportunity

Creating growth, together.

A lot of hard work went into building Alaska into one of the greatest places on earth — the place we call home. We appreciate the work of the industries and individuals who helped make this place what it is today. At the same time, we recognize the need to rapidly diversify our economy and build markets that give more Alaskans an opportunity to prosper. 


A sustainable economy makes alaska stronger

Expand and Strengthen

If we want a strong and stable economy, we must prioritize support for industries, businesses and projects that move us beyond the status quo. The Alaska Legacy Project will work hard to stabilize our budget, expand sectors providing sustainable jobs, and strengthen the next generation of Alaskan businesses.  


Building the economy of our future also means that occasionally we’re going to need to say no thank you when a project or a business opportunity comes along that isn’t aligned with our best interest: Just because someone is selling us something doesn’t mean we need to buy it. 


Let’s double down on the opportunities that move us forward, not the ones that keep us running in place.

Build the economy of Alaska's Future   |   sustainable jobs, alaskan business owners and new markets


Ethical, accountable, responsive.

Healthy, safe, self-determining.


Alaskans are no strangers to a journey

Let's Build Our Legacy

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