We've got an epic legacy to live up to

It's time to step up and secure our future

Alaska is Special

Rolling tundra, midnight sun, endless forest, bountiful ocean, and resilient, hearty people. Some call it the Last Frontier, we call it the best place on earth to live, work, play and raise a family. 


But our future and our quality of life is under attack. Public education and public health are facing draconian cuts, our economy is on the brink of recession, and our resources are at risk of over exploitation and ruin. The people making decisions about our future, our legacy, are burning through our savings with shortsighted band-aids. 

From time immemorial to the drafting of Alaska’s constitution, our past leaders have shared a vision of self-determination, stewardship of our land and resources, and a future that provides for everyone. Today, however, we’re facing a crisis of leadership. Not all of our decision makers are in it for the right reasons: some are driven by power, shortsighted profit, and personal agendas. Their partisan politics, vendettas, and backroom deals are crippling Alaska one bad policy at a time, and Alaska as we know it is at risk of crumbling down.


Duct tape won’t fix this one. Luckily, Alaskans are world famous for our grit and resilience, for innovation, and for our sense of community. It’s time for each of us to step up and collectively demand better. 


We are Alaska’s future. It’s time to secure our legacy.

Let's Keep Alaska Headed True North

How We Navigate:

Ethical, accountable,

Healthy, safe,

Diverse, sustainable, innovative

The Alaska Legacy Project

We are Alaska's Future

Our statehood is founded on the principle that this land belongs to the people and we are responsible
for its future. As Alaskans, we are stewards of these vast wild lands and bountiful waters.
We determine our lifestyle and values that make us want to live here. The Alaska Legacy Project is about securing and protecting a place greater than ourselves. It's about taking ownership and responsibility for the future of our Last Frontier — the Alaska we know and love.

building a long-term PLAN for our future

A Thriving, Growing Alaska

The plan for Alaska's future should represent the wants and needs of Alaskans. We want thriving businesses, abundant job opportunities and educational avenues for learners of all ages. We want to feel safe in our homes and communities, knowing they can stand up to earthquakes and climate extremes, and should we need them, personnel who are adequately trained for emergencies. We want healthy children and families, safe streets, and for our elders to be respected. We want healthy, wild spaces and to live off our land. We want our resources to be properly managed. We want to be Alaskans.


How we build this paradise is where the real beauty happens. It's time to work together to move Alaska forward and build a legacy we can all get behind.

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Alaskans are no strangers to a journey

Let's Build our Legacy

From our economy to our government, from our oldest communities to our newest families,  let's keep our sights fixed on a future that empowers and supports Alaskans.

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